Forbes award
for our client.

Our Korean clients TopHealth received a Forbes award for their supplement brand, supplied by PharmaLinea! We are very proud that our product development and TopHealth’s marketing knowledge have resulted in a Korea Best Brand Award 2021.

From launch to Forbes Award in 2 years.

Our partners TopHealth, located in South Korea, were recently awarded by Forbes for their supplement brand, under which they have launched several products from PharmaLinea’s portfolio. They introduced the first products to the market in 2018.

In only 2 years the brand gained such attention from consumers and experts that Forbes – a global business media company – recognized the brand with a Korea Best Brand Award 2021. It is an exemplary case of a fruitful partnership where efficient, clinically supported products and excellent marketing create results.

a successul partnership.

TopHealths’ CEO, Tae Yoon Kim, commented:

“We, TopHealth, very much appreciate the sustainable and quality partner we have in PharmaLinea. Without their products, we could not have achieved this award. From day one we faced several challenging moments, however, we solved them together with the best partnership. We will undoubtedly keep this relationship in the future.”

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