why our service?

Not only do we develop and manufacture products, we guide you every step of the way from first contact to long after your product launch. We exist to address your pain points, so you can forget about the supply chain and focus 100% on your consumers.

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you get a response.

A dedicated contact is there to answer your calls and address your problems. We’re realistic with timelines and if we don’t have an answer right away, we say so and get on it. After you launch we keep actively supporting you with several visits a year.

it’s not just
our opinion.

Our partners quantified their experience of working with us. 23% were likely and 77% very likely to recommend us to an industry colleague.

*results are based on partner satisfaction research, sent out on December 12th 2019 to over 50 key partners.

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registration made smoother.

A registration team is at your disposal not only with full documentation, but to address any challenges you might have. You can benefit from the experience we have with registering our products with authorities globally.

no digging for studies.

You receive full clinical trials, stability studies and materials, already adapted for you to use in education of doctors and pharmacists. Our R&D can even perform educative sessions for your sales force.

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your risk – minimized.

By sharing best practices from previous launches of the same products, we enable you to learn from them and optimize your marketing resources.

If you require consultancy on positioning and sales, we are there to help you achieve stable growth.

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