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>Your< Iron Syrup is now clinically proven to increase ferritin levels in iron-deficient children by 69%, thus enabling them to avoid anemia. The study, published in MDPI Nutrients, is the first to show anemia in iron-deficient children can be avoided through supplementation.

Results overview:

  • >Your< Iron Syrup improved mean ferritin levels by 69% (14,5 μg/l -> 24,5μg/l) – to levels significantly above the threshold at risk of anemia (20 μg/l)
  • the test group also showed significantly higher hemoglobin (p=0,02), hematocrit (p=0,02), and erythrocyte levels (p=0,03)
  • compliance was 92% and there were 0 severe adverse events confirmed to be related to supplementation
  • there was no significant difference in compliance or adverse events between the test group and placebo
  • 85 children completed the trial and gold standards of clinical trial design were upheld


Download to access the details on the trial, its results, and the business opportunity.

Business reasons.

What kind of business opportunity does iron present? Why is it overlooked? And why our investment into a clinical trial? Blaž Gorjup (Chairman & Founder) and Matevž Ambrožič (Marketing & PR Director) speak about the business reasons behind PharmaLinea’s most recent research project.

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