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Being a newly selected member of the Vitafoods Europe Steering Committee, visiting partners across the globe and participating in industry events such as NBJ summit, Vitafoods, CPhI and Supply Side West, PharmaLinea accumulates a lot of information on industry developments. Instead of simply listing the obvious 2019 trends, we give you valuable insights you don’t read elsewhere.

#1 – brain health in the spotlight.

Without a doubt the most discussed health area is everything brain-related. Ranging from cognitive support, sleep, stress, mood, energy and focus, ingredients and products are emerging everywhere and with mixed positioning.

However, our business insight shows the hype within the industry is not yet reflected by sales data across all markets and in all of the mentioned subcategories. Thus, caution and clever launch strategy is required.

#2 – form innovation and the rise of recalls.

The shift of industry interest from tablets and capsules is remarkable. Shots, gummies, orodispersibles, sprays and chewables are all in high demand.

Business insight: there is an increasing amount of tests and reports of products not delivering the promised ingredients. When selecting advanced delivery forms, testing product stability needs to be considered and weighed against the cost of a recall.

The highest growth for the next 5 years is expected for Thailand and Vietnam, while the more mature market of South Korea is projected to exhibit less growth. However, the latter is already nearly 4 times the size of the UK market.


{Your} Iron Syrup’s efficiency was confirmed in a gold-standard clinical trial encompassing 50 children. Upon administration of our product for 12 months, ferritin levels were icreased by 56% when compared to placebo.

#3 – march of the internet giants.

As was made evident at the NBJ summit in July, Amazon and Alibaba are taking food supplements head on.Traditional outlets such as Vitamin Shoppe are losing income and being forced to evolve.

Business insight: especially in larger markets where they have interest, Amazon will likely control much of the offer available to consumers and push their own brand. Read more on finding a strategy to adapt.

#4 – other NPD trends.

Other indications booming in the industry are beauty from within, the gut and everything stemming from it – especially immunity.

Business insight: a lot is being done in consumer education on the latter globally and we expect general awareness to follow. Plant-based, sugar-free and preservative-free are becoming the norm in the most developed markets, but country-specific regulatory and consumer requirements vary.

#5 – the personalized nutrition hype.

Data shows consumer interest, round-tables and headlines are occupying the industry. But are we already able to deliver anything significant, actually personalized?

Business insight: non-marketing-driven companies and R&D departments agree – we are still not at a sufficient level of data interpretation to deliver truly personalized and complete solutions. At the moment the credible opportunity is increasingly accessible and accurate testing for certain micronutrients and accordingly adjusted dosing.

Such collected information can be used to try and foresee the trends of the coming year and prepare new product development accordingly. It can also be used to look back at our year’s launches and asses if we predicted the 2019 trends correctly one year ago. Below is a collection of our 2019 launches. We invite you to have a look and see how we did.

In our view, the only way to get lasting consumer trust is to provide supplements with benefits one can feel and prove.

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