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With Vitafoods Virtual Expo (happening between the 7th and 11th of September), the supplement industry is showing not only the ability to adapt business development to current conditions but also great promise for the future as the expo will include the first-ever matchmaking event, focused on nutraceuticals.

growth & quality.

In the article, our S&R Director Maja Orešnik reveals some of our plans:

  • orodispersible powders in stick packs
  • new product lines targeting stress, oral health and pain
  • extension of our pregnancy product line

2020 is promising to be an exciting year, with the first new launches
coming already in spring.

As virtual exhibitors, we invite you to join us for a video-call and:
  • find out the first concrete bits on our clinical trial on >Your< Iron Syrup
  • get a tailored overview of our 2020 launches or the rest of our portfolio
  • review the latest market data that we gather from Euromonitor and IQVIA
Additionally, we were invited to delegate an expert to be available for inquiries at networking sessions within the immune health micro-community. Our Business Development Director Jernej Klopčič commented: “We were very pleased for our products and expertise in the immune health area to be recognized with an invitation from the Vitafoods team. In 2020 alone, we launched products from >Your< Immuniq Line with 12 new clients into 12 new markets and interest still seems to be rising."


{Your} Iron Syrup’s efficiency was confirmed in a gold-standard clinical trial encompassing 50 children. Upon administration of our product for 12 months, ferritin levels were icreased by 56% when compared to placebo.

indications, forms & plans.

Klopčič went on to add: “The top-performing categories vary significantly from market to market, but the most common to take top positions are immune system, bone health, cognitive health, beauty and other health areas. The latter is a category where we often find products such as the ones addressing iron deficiency, where we are specialists. Our iron line has been in high demand because iron deficiency is typically more problematic in the region and the available solutions often come with drawbacks such as low absorption and side effects.

With markets evolving faster and faster and consumers in Southeast Asia demanding more and more from their supplement user experience, we are increasingly partnering with companies in the region by providing them with supplements in liquids, sachets, sprays, and other user-friendly product forms. Not to dismiss more traditional, yet still successful capsules and tablets.

We are currently working in Vietnam and South Korea and we are in various stages of registration processes in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We have already seen 100% growth in business from Southeast Asia last year and we project the growth to rise to more than 150% with the launch of more products.”

COVID-19 market trends:
Stress supplement demand rising

NutraIngredients recently published an article covering the growing stress supplement market opportunity and PharmaLinea’s newly launched >Your< Stress Line. In the piece, Nikki Hancocks featured interesting market data and comments from our S&R Director Maja Orešnik.

In our view, the only way to get lasting consumer trust is to provide supplements with benefits one can feel and prove.

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