UTI clinical trial.

We are proud to announce the publication of another clinical trial on our products! >Your< UTI Free Sachets are now clinically proven to substantially improve standard antibiotic therapy for UTIs and help resolve the crucial issue of recurrent infections. The findings of the study were presented in a webinar.

In the newly published study, the addition of >Your< UTI Free Sachets to standard UTI drug treatment resulted in a significantly lower frequency of relapses and a significantly higher quality of life when compared to antibiotic treatment alone.

the trial.

Lower urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common infections in adult women. Aside from the prevalence, repeating infections present an ongoing issue. Frequent relapses are very common and they significantly affect the quality of life of affected women worldwide.

Antibiotics are the treatment of choice for lower UTIs and while they are efficient at clearing the infection, they mostly fail at preventing recurrence. Alternative approaches are urgently required, especially considering the added challenge of growing antibiotic resistance.

The presented clinical trial aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of >Your< UTI Free Sachets in women with acute cystitis and their effect on the recurrence of lower UTIs. The study included 98 female patients aged 18-80 years with active acute cystitis, which was confirmed by a positive bacteriological urine test. The participants were randomized into 2 groups. Both groups received standard antibiotic therapy, while the second group additionally received >Your< UTI Free Sachets.

Results overview:

  • the addition of >Your< UTI Free Sachets to standard antibiotic therapy resulted in over 4 times lower frequency of relapses compared to antibiotic treatment alone
  • while the median number of recurrences per person in the control group was 1, the infection did not recur at all in the majority of the study group
  • the study group reported a 20% higher improvement in quality of life during the first week of supplementation when compared to the control group
  • compliance in the study group was 98%

The details of the clinical trial, along with in-depth results analysis, were presented in a webinar. Watch it on demand to find out more about the product, market, and possible applications of study results. >Your< UTI Free Sachets are already the number 1 UTI supplement in 2 European markets and the new clinical data will only increase the opportunity for brand owners.

Webinar agenda:


Maja Orešnik, Science & Research Director at PharmaLinea


  • market need & product review
  • study design
  • methods
  • results analysis

This clinical trial was organized and conducted by Petrovax.

>Your< UTI Free Line.

PharmaLinea’s >Your< UTI Free Line is a market-leading supplement line with high prescription rates. The products in the line are present in several markets across 4 continents and have achieved number 1 position in two European markets.

The line convinces doctors due to several advantages: a proprietary, branded cranberry source Qcran®, a clinically relevant dose of D-mannose, microencapsulated vitamin D3, and 2 clinical studies on the finished product.

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