Smart, clean, and efficient hydration without added sugars. 

why launch?


PharmaLinea’s proprietary AminoAbsorb™ smart hydration technology utilizes amino acid cotransport pathways to enhance rapid absorption of water and electrolytes. For more efficient hydration without using sugar, like most products.


All key electrolytes the body needs for effective rehydration and restoring balance. Optimized combination and ratios, based on science.


On-the-go sticks with various taste options. Gentle and refreshing watermelon, classic zesty citrus, or a clean label approach without aromas and sweeteners.


Magnesium citrate for higher bioavailability. Booming mineral in high demand, not always present in hydration formulations. Enables additional energy, muscle, and nervous system claims.


AminoAbsorb™ is a proprietary amino acid complex designed to enhance rapid absorption of water and electrolytes into our system. Instead of sugar-dependent pathways, it takes advantage of amino acid-electrolyte cotransport mechanisms in our intestine to increase the uptake of water and electrolytes. 



target group: adults

form: stick with powder for dissolving in liquids

total content: 10-30 sticks

recommended dosage: 1 stick/day

AminoAbsorb ™ (5,4g)

Sodium (250 mg)

Potassium (103 mg)

Magnesium (70 mg)

Vitamin C (500 mg)


In this presentation, you’ll find market data, consumer trends, market flaws, product launch guidelines, suggested positioning, and marketing strategy.

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What is Qfer/Qimmune/Qfolate/Qlute/Qnight etc.?

All ingredient names beginning with “Q” are only our code words for branded ingredients. Similarly as they are branded and protected by trademarks, because they are clinically supported, have outstanding quality standards and so on, so do we protect our formulations, because they are the result of our extensive research.

As soon as we sign a non-disclosure agreement, you will receive full and transparent data on all the formulations and on the science behind them. Do not hesitate to get in touch below and find out everything.

What exactly does private label mean?

In Europe, they call it private label – but that can be associated with basic commodity products. In Asia, they sometimes call us OEM – but we are not contract manufacturers. We are closer to ODM. In pharmaceuticals, they call it out-licensing – but we charge no license fee and we also manufacture products. We develop and manufacture premium clinically supported food supplements for you to sell on your market, under your brand.

We have a portfolio of product lines that carry the added value of years of research & development, clinical support and stability studies. Because of our development expertise, the products bring you a clear advantage and save both costs and precious time to market. We deliver the products, manufactured with your packaging design, ready to launch on your market. Apart from the product, we make sure you receive all the necessary support, education and consultancy for you to be able to focus on B2C completely.

Do you manufacture the products or only develop them?

Both. We start the product from scratch, develop a concept that carries years of research, manufacture it with your packaging design and deliver it to you ready for launch on your market under you brand.

Do you provide packaging design?

We support you with consultancy on packaging contents from a scientific and regulatory perspective and even guide you through the various technical options to help your packaging achieve a premium look. However, we do not provide design services, nor do we share the PharmaLinea packaging design. We encourage you to utilize your B2C expertise and knowledge of your market’s specifics to obtain the best results.

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