Best Tasting Functional Beverage Award.

Vitafoods Europe is the world’s main nutraceutical event, where the key players gather to discover and present the cutting edge in nutraceutical development. At the 2023 event, >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks were selected as the winner in the category of “Best Tasting Functional Beverage”.

Vitafoods Europe Tasting Centre Awards.

The Tasting Centre is one of the show’s main features. At the Centre, delivery format innovations are showcased to be tested by industry professionals. Thousands of visitors that take part in the Tasting Centre then vote on the best-tasting functional food and functional beverage. Each year the entries present tougher competition, as more and more companies recognize the importance of taste and invest in the development of better user experiences.

>Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks received a "Best tasting functional beverage" award at the Tasting Centre at Vitafoods Europe 2023.

>Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks selected as the winner.

At Vitafoods Europe 2023, >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks were selected as the winner in the category of “Best Tasting Functional Beverage”. As iron supplements are a category where taste is one of the main challenges of product development and most important for user compliance, this award bears special importance.

development achievement.

“We took one of our most successful product lines, >Your< Iron Line, and utilized our expertise in advanced product forms to develop a line extension with an ever-better user experience and even better differentiation for our clients,” commented PharmaLinea’s Marketing & PR Director, Matevž Ambrožič. “Market data shows that direct sticks are a very hot delivery format – for example in some of the most developed European markets such as Italy or Germany, some of the fastest growing SKUs among iron and UTI supplements are in stick pack form.”

PharmaLinea’s Technical Director, Denis Đalapa, added: “Direct sticks are a great format for consumers. They can use them on the go, without water, there’s less chance of spilling or wrong measurements. But for manufacturers, they bring several challenges. A lot of knowledge and effort is required to be able to deliver a pleasant taste, with no teeth or tongue staining, and the right texture and consistency.”

We are very pleased with the development achievement our R&D was able to deliver with the new products.

unmatched assets.

The collection of assets on >Your< Iron Line is unmatched in the market and consists of several studies and awards.


  • NutraIngredients-Asia Award for >Your< Iron Syrup
  • Forbes Best Brand Award for our client’s launch of >Your< Iron Line
  • Runner-up Taste Award for >Your< Iron Forte Liquid at Vitafoods Asia
  • Best-Tasting Functional Beverage Award for >Your< Iron Syrup at Vitafoods Europe
  • Best-Tasting Functional Beverage Award for >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks at Vitafoods Europe
A private label food supplement iron line from PharmaLinea has received various industry awards (Vitafoods, NutraIngredients).


  • gold-standard clinical trial on iron-deficient children with >Your< Iron Syrup
  • an animal model study comparing >Your< Iron Syrup to ferrous sulphate

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