how to choose a private label supplement manufacturer?

Selecting the right partner for your business is essential for success when you’re a brand owner. The process of finding the right private label supplement manufacturer can be facilitated if you follow these 6 guidelines.

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One of the biggest pains of brand owners is selecting a private label provider or other contract manufacturing partner due to a plethora of options and because securing your supply chain is more difficult than ever. What qualities should you be looking for and, equally importantly, which are the red flags you should beware?

As consumers are becoming increasingly educated and concerned about food supplement quality, safety, and efficacy, vetting potential manufacturing partners is becoming an integral part of brands’ success. We extracted 6 qualities, in our opinion among the most important when choosing a private label supplement manufacturer, to help you decide best for your business.

The qualities you should look for are:

  • responsiveness
  • supply chain security
  • no overpromising
  • education
  • experience
  • expertise

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The first comment we often hear sets manufacturers apart is the speed and manner of professionalism seen in responses to inquiries. While it may sound basic, the responsiveness a company shows with the first email sent to the info email inbox is a good indicator of what communication will be like throughout the business relationship.

If a company approaches all inquiries professionally, they are also likely to address your questions both when business is running smoothly and when obstacles or challenges arise. A question to ask is – will the manufacturer be there to support me when I have an issue that needs resolving?

Supply chain security.

private label supplement manufacturer should have control over supply chain security

Look for private label supplement manufacturers with established strategic partnerships with suppliers of raw materials. The latter will always prefer their strategic partners to occasional spot buyers.

If a problem with supply happens, priorities become clear. Ask yourself – how does the manufacturer handle supply chain volatility? Do they have any processes in place to monitor changes in prices and availability? Do they have sufficient safety stock?

No one is immune to supply chain issues nowadays, of course, but you can minimize the risk by obtaining a manufacturer who has done their homework.

No overpromising.

When your potential manufacturer is communicating using nothing but superlatives, they are open to all business opportunities and use unrealistic timelines, we see that as a red flag.

Often, private label supplement manufacturers are promising timelines from product conception to delivery in a matter of weeks, which makes it impossible to test for stability. Can you be certain that the manufacturer will provide you with a product you can confidently offer to your consumers and bet your brand image on? Also, don’t be fooled by the cheapest price promises – if you hire a partner at a cheap cost, and later you find yourself in a product recall situation, it may cost you much more.

Consumer trust takes years to build and seconds to break. Frankness, down-to-earth transparent communication, and saying no to certain offers can be your best indicators for a healthy manufacturing relationship.


education behind the product is important

When discussing private label food supplements, the entire relationship must be based on education and information regarding the science behind the product, the formulation, the clinical trials, and stability studies. In our experience, especially with pharmaceutical companies, solid information and its proactive delivery to the brand owner is what builds lasting partnerships because it helps the brand owner be successful in their promotion, in their medical detailing, or in communication with consumers.

If you are receiving only products without any education, if it is just a product and no service, this signals a red flag and may result in you having to do all the digging for information by yourself.


Ideally, your chosen manufacturer should have several years of experience delivering high-quality work in the food supplement industry. This means some of your contacts within the industry should be able to share their positive experiences and the manufacturer should be able to provide testimonials from relevant references.


supplement manufacturers can offer expertise in different product form areas

Private label supplement manufacturers typically offer a range of capabilities or products, but most specialize in a few key areas. For example, they may specialize in specific delivery formats, such as powders or gummies, or specific label claims, such as halal or allergen-free. You should always make sure the chosen manufacturer can provide the desired formats and label claims and is, therefore, the right fit for your product and/or brand.

Finding a private label supplement manufacturer you can trust can be challenging. Open ongoing communication is the key to satisfaction on both sides of the partnership. The goal, of course, is forming a lasting relationship with your manufacturing partner, who takes care of things on their part, so you can focus on what you do best: marketing and selling food supplements.

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