iron clinical
trial webinar.

The Principal Trial Investigator and PharmaLinea’s Science & Research Director dived into the design and results of the clinical trial on >Your< Iron Syrup. The event’s recording and presentation are now available on-demand.

the first trial of its kind.

>Your< Iron Syrup is the first supplement proven to help iron-deficient children avoid anemia. It does so by raising ferritin levels by 69%, from values at-risk of anemia to healthy values. A gold standard clinical trial on 85 iron-deficient children showed significant improvement in several key iron status markers, as well as excellent results in compliance and occurrence of adverse events. At the webinar, the experts presented the details of the study design, methods, and results. Upon registration, you will be able to access the webinar’s recording and presentation.

Webinar agenda:

Janez Jazbec MD, PhD (Principal Investigator of the clinical trial):

  • study design
  • methods
  • results analysis

Maja Orešnik (Science & Research Director at PharmaLinea):

  • market need
  • trial uniqueness
  • future pipeline


Download this presentation to get a preview of the trial’s results and the business opportunity.

Gold standards.

The clinical trial followed very strict standards of clinical trial design. Maja Orešnik, Anton Oražem, and Blaž Gorjup discuss how, despite extending the recruitment process to over 3 years, the standards enable the trial to be the first relevant clinical trial on iron supplements for children.

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