new iron delivery forms.

Every year, PharmaLinea strives to be at the forefront of shaping nutraceutical innovation. As part of our 2022 development achievements, we were able to utilize our expertise in advanced product forms to develop two new line extensions to one of our most successful and awarded lines – >Your< Iron Line. This year’s generation of PharmaLinea’s new product launches come in a trending delivery format and offer differentiation in the booming iron supplement market.

user-friendly direct stick format.

>Your< Iron Forte Orosticks and >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks are available in innovative and recently popular product forms. As direct sticks with liquid and with orodispersible powder, they offer an even better user experience.

Direct sticks are a great format for consumers. They can use them on-the-go, without water, there’s less chance of spilling or wrong measurements. Capsules still represent the majority of the iron supplement market, therefore direct sticks offer differentiation for our clients.

>Your< Iron Forte orosticks packaging

>Your< Iron Forte Orosticks.

  • target group: adults
  • total content: 30 orosticks
  • recommended dosage: 1 orostick/day

>Your< Iron Forte Orosticks were showcased as one of the most innovative products at the Vitafoods Europe 2022 Innovation Tour.

Market data shows that direct sticks are a very hot delivery format – for example in some of the most developed European markets such as Italy or Germany, some of the fastest growing iron supplement SKUs are in stick pack form.

>Your< Iron Forte liquid sticks packaging

>Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks.

  • target group: adults
  • total content: 30 liquid sticks
  • recommended dosage: 1 liquid stick/day

Why iron?

Iron supplement markets worldwide are growing at remarkable rates, much higher than the average supplement growth. Their end potential size is immense.

A handful of advanced, premium iron products tend to initiate and drive growth by entering the market. They dominate it with 30-70% market share and thus reach outstanding sales. Such advanced products avoid the typical flaws of most available iron products.

These are:

  • poor taste (metallic aftertaste)
  • severe and frequent side effects
  • low efficacy and absence of clinical proof

>Your< Iron Line

>Your< Iron Line is present in over 20 markets. Its 3 key advantages include awarded taste, significantly diminished chance of side effects, and clinically proven high efficacy. It is available in several user-friendly delivery forms (syrup, drops, spray, capsules, direct sticks). The products are considered no. 1 iron supplements in several markets, holding up to 49% market share.

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