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What kind of nutraceutical products are worldwide leaders, such as Bayer, STADA, or Haleon launching and which trends are they addressing? We prepared a collection of recent product launches, interesting due to their recency, their formulations, or the company that launched them, along with an overview of recent food supplement market trends.


Pain is a dietary supplement category that is still in its very beginnings with a lot of potential for growth in the future. The segment is now properly expanding from only joint pain into neuropathic pain (e.g., back pain) and migraines.

Even pharma giants such as Haleon see the opportunity in complementing their OTC pain killer brands with drug-free products by launching preventative and recovery products. Such products are addressing every stage of consumers’ pain cycles. We are also seeing some combined positionings (for example pain + focus which targets a very specific consumer group).

European Consumers named joint and muscle pain as one of their top health concerns for the future

Joint pain.

The joint pain segment is still the most established within the pain category. When asked, European consumers named joint and muscle pain as one of their top future health concerns. Here, we are seeing a lot of innovation with branded ingredients, especially in terms of PEA and low-dose collagen.

menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle products are one of the most recently booming segments within the women’s health dietary supplement category. They address a variety of symptoms that women can experience during the menstrual cycle – from pain and bloating to mood swings and irritability. There is a lot of potential for future development within the segment.

Certain recent product launches are already leveraging clinically supported ingredients and user-friendly formats, such as sticks and gummies.


In 2022, stress and sleep was the fastest-growing dietary supplement category for the second consecutive year. New nutraceutical product launches with stress & sleep functional claims grew from 2,6% in 2017 to 4,5% in 2022, according to Mintel GNPD. The segment is slowly evolving from commodity-driven into a premium one.

Sleeping problems are an area where consumers are least satisfied with their current treatment

In 2021, sleeping problems were the category where consumers were least satisfied with available solutions and were frequently looking for new ways to address their issues.

Today, we see an increase in specific positionings in terms of function and blending with stress. Low-cost herbal or melatonin products still represent the majority of products and gummies are prevailing in Western markets.

Companies are increasingly communicating (even on the packaging) different stages of sleep and important parameters on which supplements can have a positive effect, such as falling asleep faster, reduced nocturnal awakenings, and waking up rested and refreshed.


In this very established category, plant-based ingredients and targeting specific life stages are trending. Vegetarian and vegan products, specifically those based on calcium, are increasingly popular.

We see an increase in product launches addressing women in very specific life stages, for example, menopause. Global companies are targeting children with a variety of formats (sprays, chewables, etc.) and even the well-known Elevit brand has premiered a bone health product for children.


According to Euromonitor International, women’s health was the second fastest-growing dietary supplement category of the past decade. It grew by a CAGR of 10% globally between 2011 and 2020.

33% of perimenopausal women take nutritional supplements

33% of perimenopausal women already take supplements to address women’s health and many of them use supplementation to alleviate menopausal symptoms. This number is bound to grow in the future.

Leading companies are launching supplement brands, exclusively dedicated to menopause. Products have increasingly specific subpositionings, ranging from sleep, stress, and energy, to bone health and cognition. Aside from supplements, there is an increasing number of dedicated apps, subscription systems, telehealth, and initiatives such as GenM’s ‘M-tick’ on supplements in the UK.

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