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PharmaLinea’s private label food supplements have been launched in more than 40 markets, by some of the world’s leading companies, such as subsidiaries of STADA and Teva. In several cases, our products, launched under our clients’ brands, are the no. 1 in the market. Read further to find out more about the positioning strategies and marketing activities of some of the most successful cases of 2022.

>your< iron line – case #1.

Our client, a leading nutraceutical company from a country in the European Union, entered an undeveloped iron supplement market with PharmaLinea’s >Your< Iron Line in 2013. The iron market then was dominated by drugs, doctors were used to prescribing them, and food supplements were much less developed.

Competitors’ nutraceutical products had some drawbacks, such as unpleasant metallic taste, lower bioavailability and absorption, frequent side effects, and weak iron stability, which PharmaLinea’s products were able to overcome. Our client established a dominant position and grew the market through education. Intense promotional activities already started months pre-launch. Although the activities mainly focused on doctor detailing, sampling also played a key part in the promotion due to the taste being one of the key UPSs.

The brand quickly became no. 1 in their market and its sales now exceed 400.000 units per year. In 2021, our client held a 49% market share.

The level of iron deficiency in the market our client entered was very high.

Reasons for success.

Advanced iron food supplements are achieving such results due to 3 main reasons:

  • Iron deficiency is a very serious & widespread problem.
  • The solution is well-known.
  • The available products have severe & obvious flaws.

2022 campaign.

In 2018, a competitor brand entered the local adult iron supplement market and has taken a significant market share since. In absolute numbers, our client was already starting to stagnate, and competition provided a second wave of growth in 2018 with its added promotion and education. Consequently, our client initiated a counter-campaign in 2021/22.

The campaign’s main activities were:

  • start of visiting hematologists and gastroenterologists
  • more doctor conferences
  • promoted study (new clinical trial on >Your< Iron Syrup)
  • revised communication pack for comparison with the competitor’s composition, studies, and positioning

The result of new activities and a price increase was a 26% increase in sales.

>your< iron line – case #2.

In 2017, our client from a country in East Asia launched >Your< Iron Syrup and >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks. Our client was a smaller, young food supplement company, entering a relatively developed market with several added-value and user-friendly product formats already present. They struggled at first, as they were in the beginning stages of company development and the level of anemia among women and children in their country was low.

"Made in the EU" was one of our client's key positioning points for their nutraceutical product

How they positioned the products?

Key positioning points for the private label products they launched were:

  • made in the EU/Slovenia
  • gold standard clinical trials communicated directly to consumers
  • convenient user experience and fresh taste

After the initial struggle, they found the right marketing mix and entered a stage of explosive growth. During the years 2019 and 2022 they reached a 133% CAGR. They were selling out about 8.000 units per month in 2022, with high growth projections for future years.

>your< K2 + D3 drops.

We partnered with a medium-sized food supplement company in 2019 to launch >Your< K2 + D3 Drops in a Southeast Asian market. Their D3 market was relatively developed, but with rare liquid products and there were only a few combinations with K2 available.

Our client’s key messages, marketing activities, and pricing were tailored to the target audience: a growing population of well-off young millennial parents. As child growth and development is a very shareable topic and millennial parents in Southeast Asia are a very digitally savvy and digitally active population, our client was able to address the consumers through digital channels and create a strong online community of parents.

Our strategy is to “split” the market, create a specific segment or niche, enter with a very distinctive high-quality product, and heavily invest in marketing.

In 2022 our client launched an online marketing campaign for their K2+D3 supplement

2022 campaign.

Instead of cutting marketing budgets in 2022, our partners saw an opportunity. They invested substantially with 3 new projects:

  • quality TV ads in prime time slots
  • line extension with >Your< K2+D3+Ca Syrup
  • “online doctors”, who are active on several social media platforms and are very popular in the local market

>Your< K2+D3 Drops became the no. 1 in the market in the 3rd year post launch. Our client sold over 1 million units in 2022 and held around 30% market share. In 2022, our client launched >Your< K2+D3+Ca Syrup. The forecast for 2023 surpasses 2,2 million units of >Your< K2+D3 Drops and 0,5 million units of >Your< K2+D3+Ca Syrup.

>your< back pain capsules.

In 2018, our client decided to launch PharmaLinea’s private label food supplements in a concentrated market of neuropathic pain supplements in a country in the European Union. Due to the dominance of two leading brands, who together held 88% of the market, our client initially struggled. Eventually, highly successful patient cases began to convince doctors and helped with word-of-mouth recommendations by consumers.

Upon our client entering the market, most of the local neuropathic pain supplement market share was accounted for by two brands. Our client’s approach was based on:

  • the unique composition of >Your< Back Pain Capsules
  • targeting the underlying cause instead of symptom relief
  • a mid-price point
PharmaLinea's clients' marketing efforts extend through all channels.

Due to outstanding user feedback our client initiated a clinical trial. In 2021, sales increased by 45% but were only at about 55% of total ordered units. Consequently, our clients launched a campaign in 2022 with marketing efforts across all channels.

2022 campaign.

The campaign consisted of promotion to healthcare specialists and ATL promotion (digital ads, Facebook Live events, and a co-branded campaign with a national pharmacy chain).

It resulted in a 54% increase of sell-in and a 107% increase in sell-out.

to summarize.

PharmaLinea’s private label clinically supported products enable successful medical detailing. Our unique formulations, user-friendly forms, and awarded taste provide market differentiation to our clients. Combining a premium product with a successful market strategy resulted in numerous successful results for our clients, who come from different markets around the globe. By studying these success cases our team gathers invaluable market insight and is able to assist our partners with their marketing strategy in the future.

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