insights pack.

We cooperate with market intelligence agencies, consultants, and our partners to gather market data, strategy insights, best marketing practices, and new product highlights. Scroll down to find a collection of useful insights to support your next launch decision or marketing strategy direction.

Best marketing practices
by our partners.

Most of our products have already been launched by companies that are experts in B2C marketing. We collect insights on their go-to-market strategies, promotional tools, advertising campaigns, positioning tactics, and lessons learned.

market trends.

Our partners benefit from up to 3 yearly webinars packed with market data from only the best sources (IQVIA, Euromonitor, Mintel, etc.), supporting their next product launch decision. We also perform dedicated consultations, looking at our partners’ markets and predicting their development according to trends seen globally.

Recent new product
launch highlights.

A step further from market data is seeing how the biggest and best brands react to trends with new product launches. We keep a collection of specific products, interesting due to their recency, their formulation, the company that launched them, or the award they received.

reach out.

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