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Our latest nutraceutical innovations are here! Are you ready to challenge the market in categories such as joint pain, hydration, and blood glucose management? Discover PharmaLinea’s new generation of nutraceutical products. Watch our virtual product launch on demand.

Your Arthro Ease Capsules - clinically studied private label supplement for joint pain and mobility

new lines and forms.

Our new product launches consist of:

  • a new product line addressing joint pain and mobility: >Your< Arthro Ease Capsules
  • a new product line for hydration: >Your< Hydramin Sticks
  • new additions to one of our most successful product lines: >Your< Prediabetiq Orosticks for adults and >Your< Prediabetiq Orosticks for children

The products represent the cutting edge in clinical support, market differentiation, and user experience. Join our virtual launch to find out how your brand could differentiate with our latest innovations and utilize the current market opportunity.

Why launch a joint pain product now?

Many experts agree, pain is the next white space in nutraceuticals. Joint health is an established dietary supplement category, however, the market is experiencing a renaissance with new, advanced ingredients. Leaders have recognized this opportunity and are launching next-generation joint health products. Products addressing joint pain are seeing high commercial success.

>Your< Arthro Ease Capsules are designed for the support of joint pain and mobility. They are supported by 3 clinical studies on the finished formulation.

An opportunity for hydration supplements.

Recently, campaigns and social media have propelled hydration from sports-only to a booming mainstream product category. Hydration brands are emphasizing everyday factors that can cause hydration and showcasing multiple situations and demographic groups that could benefit from hydrating well. The category has seen a surge in growth and leaders are utilizing the trend by expanding into general wellbeing, energy, focus, and active lifestyle.

>Your< Hydramin Sticks enable smart, clean, and efficient hydration without added sugars. The product is based on AminoAbsorb™ – PharmaLinea’s proprietary smart hydration technology.

Blood glucose management in a new format.

Prediabetes rates and worldwide obesity among adults and children are growing. As consumer awareness of the importance of blood glucose management grows, the target population is increasing. Due to wearable technology advancements and blood glucose supplements becoming more and more recognized, the time to launch a solution with effects measurable in real-time is now.

The products in >Your< Prediabetiq Line are designed for the support of balanced blood glucose levels with an immediate effect that can be measured by consumers. Now available in a tasty stick format for children or adults.

Virtual launch agenda:

Maja Orešnik (Science & Research Director at PharmaLinea):

  • scientific background and mechanisms of our new products
  • ingredient details

Matevž Ambrožič (Marketing & PR Director at PharmaLinea):

  • market data on joint health, hydration, and blood glucose supplements
  • competitive landscape
  • positioning of our new product launches

View the recording on-demand.

Leading brands are launching either prebiotic or synbiotic supplements. Iron supplements are among the fastest-growing categories and UTI supplements are among the largest categories across very different markets. Our new product launches offer clinically supported solutions to address these opportunities. Find out the details in our on-demand event recording.

Download the virtual launch presentation to find an overview of all our new products, their formulations, and main advantages. Additionally, discover market data and trends that drove us to innovate in the categories of prebiotics, iron, and UTI supplements.

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