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Diabetes rates are growing. Wearable technology is advancing. Soon, every consumer with a smartwatch will be able to track their blood sugar levels. Are you ready for when that moment comes? Find out how to address the opportunity in the recording of our virtual launch of >Your< Prediabetiq Capsules.

PharmaLinea has revealed >Your< Prediabetiq Capsules – a clinically supported private label food supplement for an immediate improvement of glycemic response that can be measured in real-time. Formulated with patented, awarded, and clinically studied ingredients to achieve balanced blood glucose and reduced insulin resistance.

Why launch a prediabetes product now?

Prediabetes is present in 10,2 – 15,9% of adults worldwide, according to a conservative IDF assessment (others report up to 30%). The target population is already immense and growing fast. Additionally, the number of consumers that realize they need to address their blood glucose is about to increase dramatically.

Apple and Samsung are racing to make non-invasive real-time blood glucose tracking possible with smartwatches, which will substantially increase access to blood glucose insights. When this happens and the target audience multiplies, companies should be ready with supplement solutions with effects measurable in real-time.

Diabetes and prediabetes supplements have been a less developed niche until now, but we are on the verge of them becoming a major category. Recently, in more advanced markets (e.g. USA or Italy), the blood sugar segment has started to develop with new launches and it is beginning to be considered as a separate market segment in reports.

>Your< Prediabetiq Capsules have an immediate effect that can be measured by consumers. Continuous consumption works towards long-term health goals.

Virtual launch agenda:

Maja Orešnik (Science & Research Director at PharmaLinea):

  • diabetes, prediabetes, and blood glucose biology
  • scientific background and mechanisms of our new product
  • ingredient details

Matevž Ambrožič (Marketing & PR Director at PharmaLinea):

  • market data on blood glucose supplements
  • competitive landscape
  • positioning of our new product launch
View the recording on-demand.

Leading brands are launching either prebiotic or synbiotic supplements. Iron supplements are among the fastest-growing categories and UTI supplements are among the largest categories across very different markets. Our new product launches offer clinically supported solutions to address these opportunities. Find out the details in our on-demand event recording.

Download the virtual launch presentation to find an overview of all our new products, their formulations, and main advantages. Additionally, discover market data and trends that drove us to innovate in the categories of prebiotics, iron, and UTI supplements.

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