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Looking to stand out in the sleep market? PharmaLinea has revealed a new product for improved sleep quality – >Your< Good Night Acute Sticks. If you missed the launch, you can now watch it on demand and discover more about the product.

>Your< Good Night Acute Sticks are based on a unique ingredient with 9 clinical trials showing results such as 73% higher sleep efficiency and supported by melatonin for an immediate effect on acute sleep latency issues. The product line also offers melatonin-free options for children and adults, in various user-friendly delivery forms.

Why launch a sleep product now?

Consumer interest in sleep supplements keeps growing. Stress & sleep has been the fastest-growing supplement category for the past 3 years. Even so, the current market offer does not provide satisfactory solutions to sleeping problems.

Due to education and wearable technology, consumers are starting to recognize the value of sleep quality. Leading brands are communicating sleep quality parameters in recent launches. Most formulations, however, are very repetitive and fail to address sleep quality holistically. They are based on commodity herbals and rarely offer any added value.

Sleep is much more than falling asleep quickly. The time to enter the market with an added-value formulation, supporting several sleep quality parameters, is perfect.

Virtual launch agenda:

Maja Orešnik (Science & Research Director at PharmaLinea):

  • scientific background and mechanisms of our new product
  • ingredient details

Matevž Ambrožič (Marketing & PR Director at PharmaLinea):

  • market data on sleep supplements
  • competitive landscape
  • positioning of our new product launch
View the recording on-demand.

Leading brands are launching either prebiotic or synbiotic supplements. Iron supplements are among the fastest-growing categories and UTI supplements are among the largest categories across very different markets. Our new product launches offer clinically supported solutions to address these opportunities. Find out the details in our on-demand event recording.

Download the virtual launch presentation to find an overview of all our new products, their formulations, and main advantages. Additionally, discover market data and trends that drove us to innovate in the categories of prebiotics, iron, and UTI supplements.

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