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Every year, PharmaLinea is at the forefront of shaping nutraceutical innovation. The latest projects of extensive research by PharmaLinea’s development team were revealed on the 9th of June. See the recording of our virtual launch and meet the New Generation of PharmaLinea products.

new lines and forms.

Our highly anticipated new product launches consist of:

a new product addressing cardiovascular health:
>Your< Cardiovascular Capsules

new additions to our line of eye health products:
>Your< Vision Orosticks and >Your< Vision Liquid Sticks

The products represent the cutting edge in clinical support, market differentiation, and user experience. Additionally, they came at a very timely moment, as market data shows. Access the recording of our virtual launch to find out how your brand could differentiate with our latest innovations and utilize the current opportunity.

Virtual launch agenda:

Maja Orešnik (Science & Research Director at PharmaLinea):

  • introduction to eye health and cardiovascular health
  • scientific background of our new product launches
  • ingredient details

Matevž Ambrožič (Marketing & PR Director at PharmaLinea):

  • market data on the eye health and cardiovascular categories
  • competitive landscape
  • positioning of our new product launches
Gold standards.

The clinical trial followed very strict standards of clinical trial design. Maja Orešnik, Anton Oražem, and Blaž Gorjup discuss how, despite extending the recruitment process to over 3 years, the standards enable the trial to be the first relevant clinical trial on iron supplements for children.

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