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How are worldwide leaders, such as STADA, Haleon, or GNC addressing current nutraceutical trends with their recent product launches? We prepared a collection of recent product launches, interesting due to their recency, their formulations, or the company that launched them.


Hydration is moving from only sports nutrition to a more lifestyle product category. Pharma companies, which were traditionally more involved in hydration for diarrhea, are now expanding their portfolios to address other audiences.

An example of this is STADA Germany’s recent launch Elotrans Reload, which is a supplement version of an older medicine product Elotrans, for oral supply of electrolytes and fluids for diarrheal diseases. Elotrans Reload is positioned more towards sports, energy, general use, and exhaustion. Unofficially, the product is also positioned to address hangovers. The product was supported by a youthful marketing campaign which included influencers and weekend sampling in cities and at festivals, targeting younger people and party crowds.

Many hydration products on the market are leaning into benefits like stress relief, energy, motivation, focus, and immunity. Sugar-free hydration products are gaining popularity.


Supergreens supplements have been around for some time but have recently seen a new wave of interest, driven by the outstanding success of influencer-driven brands such as AG1 and Bloom. In 2023, AG1 was valued at 1,2 billion dollars. By January 2024, 6 million units of Bloom supplements were sold.

Established brands with large portfolios have picked up on the success of greens brands and have launched their own SKUs, the most notable being Haleon’s February 2024 Centrum Supergreens launch.

blood glucose.

Blood glucose supplements have been a less developed niche until now, but we are on the verge of them becoming a major category. Recently, in more advanced markets (e.g. USA or Italy), the blood sugar segment has started to develop with new launches and it is beginning to be considered as a separate market segment in reports.

Consumer awareness in weight management and blood glucose management is growing, due to social media and continuous glucose monitoring.

Products based on berberine and next-generation sugar blockers are on the rise. In 2024, Jessie Inchauspé, the “Glucose Goddess” on Instagram and the author of a bestseller “The Glucose Revolution” even launched her own supplement in the segment.


While fertility supplements are an established segment, we have seen a recent uptick in product launches. These products are often paired in formulations for both, men and women, and based on branded ingredients.

An example of this trend is 3C Pharma’s 2024 launch Progenit+, based on a branded folate source with two different formulations, one addressing female fertility and the other male.


Magnesium has seen a recent surge in consumer interest and sales growth across various markets. The ingredient has several authorized health claims from the European Food Safety Authority, including reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It comes as no surprise, the mindfulness mineral is having its moment as people look for new ways to unwind.

In Germany, magnesium is the most used mineral, with 67% of VMS consumers using it. In the US, 49% of adults are willing to try or continue using the ingredient as a natural sleep aid and 27% already use it for this purpose (Mintel, 2024).

Recent product launches feature added-value delivery systems and magnesium sources such as bisglycinate, citrate, threonate, and so forth.


Cognition is among the top health areas consumers wish to improve. In January 2024, individuals focusing on cognitive wellness expressed intentions to reduce alcohol consumption and increase their intake of nutritional supplements (FMCG Gurus). Leading brands are tapping into this trend and are increasingly launching products addressing memory and focus.

In the latter sub-category, jitter-free focus positioning is growing in popularity.

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