stand out in immunity in 2023.

Despite the global pandemic situation settling down, the immune health food supplement category continues to grow. Here are 6 ways to successfully address the current trends in immunity and stand out in the growing market.

immunity market growth.

During the pandemic, immune health saw an outstanding spike in growth due to increased consumer awareness and demand. Even if at a much slower rate, the category continues to grow post-pandemic. Unfortunately, so does the share of new supplement launches with immune health positioning. For brands to achieve success among a plethora of new products, standing out is crucial.

Diving into more detail, we can observe that while the growth of immune health supplements has slowed, the category has reached a much higher baseline level. Not only is it not receding, but it is also continuing to grow. Unsurprisingly, immune support is the world number 1 positioning of new supplement launches, with 27,3% of new launches in 2022 including such claims. Importantly, industry optimism remains – attendees of our recent trends webinar predicted immune health will be the second fastest-growing category in 2023.

6 ways to stand out.

Knowing which trends will shape the category in the future is crucial to be able to develop a nutraceutical product, that will successfully stand out in the market. What are the ways to address immunity in 2023 and the future?

Formulate with unique ingredients.

While vitamins C and D, B group vitamins, and zinc are still the most common ingredients used in new product launches with immune health functional claims, an increasing number of products in the category are based on biotic ingredients. Probiotics have been enjoying great market success, but at least in developed markets, prebiotics, postbiotics, and synbiotics may be the better option to stand out.

Such examples are CVS’s formulation based on Immuse™, launched in 2021 and Holland&Barrett’s Tribiotics Immunity, launched in 2022.

Standing out in the category is also possible by leveraging added-value ingredients. Branded ingredients with advanced delivery systems, such as microencapsulated or liposomal, and clinical proof of efficacy can help companies differentiate their products in the market. In a consumer survey by Ipsos, performed in April 2022, product ingredients were listed as one of the most important consideration factors for EU consumers when deciding what nutraceutical products to invest in.

Furthermore, what even pharma giants, such as Bayer and Bausch+Lomb, have done recently, is base their products on ingredients from a unique source. Bayer launched an immunity supplement based on the prebiotic carrot fiber BeniCaros® in 2022 and Bausch+Lomb formulated their 2022 Immune Duo product with a ginseng extract called CVT-E002®.

Due to fast-paced lifestyle, consumers demand more convenient delivery formats for their food supplements, so they can use them on the go.

Offer user-friendly delivery formats.

The 2022 Ipsos consumer survey lists product format as one of the important consumer purchasing consideration factors. As people’s lifestyle grows more fast-paced than ever, they are starting to gravitate towards more user-friendly formats, such as stick packs, bars, and gummies, so they don’t have to compromise their wellness routine on the go.

Capsules and tablets remain the most popular delivery format among global immune health supplements, however, other delivery forms are gaining popularity. In recent years, gummies/chewables have seen the most growth, especially in markets such as North America. In European markets, liquids are a popular non-conventional format.

Use specific or combined positioning.

Gaining distinction is also possible with very specific product positionings or combined positionings. An example of the first is “quick start immunity”, seen in LifeSeasons’ Clinical Immunity product and recognized with a NEXTY award. In combined positionings, popular examples include “immunity + fatigue” (employed by Sanofi’s MagImmuno+ in 2022) or “immunity + energy” (employed by Dompé’s Bioritmon in 2022).

Multifunctional products.

FMCG Gurus data from December 2022 suggests that 80% of consumers value multifunctional claims on food, drink, and supplements that are positioned around supporting the immune system. However, for the product to stand out in the market, the classic all-in-one multivitamin will not suffice. 

A way to stand out in the immune health supplement market in 2023 is by leveraging multifunctionality.

Instead, a fresher spin like day+night immunity or pre+pro+postbiotic holds better promise for success. For example, Garden of Life launched a pre+pro+postbiotic product addressing immune health in 2022 and Zein Pharma launched day+night immunity sachets in 2021. A side benefit of such multifunctional products is perceived higher value for money, which consumers may find more than welcome these days.

Address children.

According to Euromonitor International data from November 2022, children’s supplements are projected to grow much faster than the total supplement market globally.

Addressing children with your next immunity launch may, therefore, also present a promising market opportunity. Recent examples of successful launches in children’s immunity are KinderMed (a line of liquid medications and supplements for children, which was co-founded by Jessica Biel) and BetterYou  (a special Roald Dahl edition of children’s supplements addressing various indications, including immunity).

Utilize technology.

STADA’s 2022 health report found that only 25% of Europeans between the ages of 18 and 34 do not use any health-related apps. Consequently, many brands are deciding to launch testing devices and health-related apps. For example, DSM offers a vitamin D self test kit with their product d.velop™ and Ritual leverages social-media like components in their app to boost consumption of their multivitamin products.

A way to stand out in the immune health supplement market in 2023 is to offer adjacent products and leverage technology
>Your< Immuniq Line is a private label food supplement line that addresses immune health.

>Your< Immuniq Line.

PharmaLinea’s >Your< Immuniq Line is a very timely choice as it is in line with several current trends. It is based on a clinically studied postbiotic ingredient Qimmune and as such taps into the biotics trend, while targeting the connection between immunity and gut health. It is available in various user-friendly forms, such as sachets, sticks, and syrup. Alongside adults, the line also addresses children’s health.

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