meet us at Vitafoods.

We’re eagerly anticipating the biggest event of the year, where we’re exhibiting again. Meet us at Vitafoods Europe 2024 to learn more about our new products, development projects, and recent clinical studies’ results.

Your Arthro Ease Capsules - clinically studied private label supplement for joint pain and mobility

let’s meet to innovate.

Vitafoods Europe is called the world’s nutraceutical event for a reason. It is where the nutraceutical industry meets to present novelties, exchange ideas, and spark innovation. Meeting at Vitafoods Europe is the first step in a long process that ends with a consumer improving their health through supplementation. We are looking forward to meeting in person or online, discussing your latest activities, and presenting several innovations on our side.

Visit our stand K110 to:

  • learn more about our upcoming new product launches
  • try our products
  • find out what projects we currently have in development
  • access our recent clinical studies’ results

new products zone.

New products zone at Vitafoods Europe is an excellent opportunity to acquire information about the market’s most recent offerings and learn more about new products backed by science. Our new product launches will also be featured.

>Your< Arhtro Ease Capsules

>Your< Arhtro Ease Capsules, a new clinically studied product for joint pain and mobility, are designed to address the next big white space in supplements, pain, and to cater to the growing consumer interest for joint health supplements.

The product is a next-generation formulation, designed for multimodal tissue regeneration and is highly effective at a low dose. 3 clinical trials on the finished product show a significant reduction of pain, discomfort, swelling, stiffness, and restoration of joint functionality. In a clinical trial, the product achieved a 92% higher decrease in knee osteoarthritis pain severity after 2 months when compared to placebo.

>Your< Arhtro Ease Capsules are already proven in a European market with an outstanding client case study showing a sell-out of over 300.000 units per year.

>Your< Prediabetiq Orosticks

We are adding a new product format to >Your< Prediabetiq Line – direct sticks with orodispersible powder – for a better user experience, supporting both, children and adults, with immediate, measurable effects.

>Your< Prediabetiq Orosticks are designed for the immediate improvement of glycemic response that can be measured in real-time. The orostick format offers more versatility, as it can be used directly or mixed with any liquids or meals and is appropriate for various consumer groups.

Our R&D managed to achieve a delicious caramel or orange taste, which is especially important for the youngest consumers. >Your< Prediabetiq Orosticks will be available for tasting at the Vitafoods Europe Tasting Centre.

other new developments.

At the show, we will also present sugar- and preservative-free liquid iron, a line extension of our most successful product line. New development projects in areas such as hydration, liposomal micronutrients, and cognition will be highlighted. The event will also be a chance to find out more about the results of our recently published clinical trial on >Your< UTI Free Sachets and a completed trial on >Your< Back Pain Capsules.

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