iron – a major opportunity.

Iron deficiency is the most common form of nutritional deficiency worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that it affects nearly one-third (30%) of the global population. A major market opportunity exists for iron supplements with added value – proven by our presence in what is now over 30 markets.

a serious global health problem.

Iron deficiency anemia accounts for almost half of all cases of anemia. Undetected (and consequently untreated) iron deficiency and anemia can have particularly serious health consequences for pregnant women and children. It is associated with an increased risk of premature birth, low birth weight, and other complications. It can also have a negative impact on a child’s cognitive development.

Global organizations are aware of the seriousness of the problem. Consequently, they have started various initiatives, for example, WHO recently launched a comprehensive framework for action to accelerate anemia reduction. The initiative’s main goal is to lower global anemia prevalence, stating supplementation as one of the ways to achieve it.

a clear market opportunity.

Many women and children worldwide are in need of quality iron products, but most currently available products in the market are based on simple iron salts. Those often cause severe side effects and come with an unpleasant metallic taste. Rare products have high and clinically supported efficacy. The majority of products are developed in pill forms, less suitable for women and children.

market potential.

Various iron supplement markets are growing at remarkable rates, much higher than the average supplement growth. The potential size of such markets is shown in Italy – the market reached nearly 80 million € in 2020 according to IQVIA with a CAGR (2016-20) of 8,2%.

Growth is initiated and driven by the entry of advanced, premium products, such as PharmaLinea’s >Your< Iron Line. Such advanced products avoid severe flaws of the vast majority of available iron products.

Advanced iron supplement brands tend to dominate the market with 30-70% market share.

>your< iron line.

>Your< Iron Line is now present in over 30 markets. It has been launched by brands such as subsidiaries of STADA and Teva and is market-leading in several cases. Three key advantages include awarded taste, significantly diminished chance of side effects, and clinically proven high efficacy.

The line is supported by a gold-standard clinical trial and a comparative study on >Your< Iron Syrup. The products come in a variety of user-friendly formats, that can be used on the go, thus catering to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern consumers.


After our client launched >Your< Iron Line in a EU market, the brand quickly became no. 1 in their market and its sales now exceed 400.000 units per year. In 2021, our client held a 49% market share and in 2022, the adult SKU alone surpassed 5 million EUR in market value. In another client’s launch in South East Asia, they reached a 133% CAGR during the years 2019 and 2022.

>Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks received a "Best tasting functional beverage" award at the Tasting Centre at Vitafoods Europe 2023.

unmatched assets.

The collection of assets on >Your< Iron Line is unmatched in the market and consists of several studies and awards. Most recently, >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks received a “Best-Tasting Functional Beverage Award” at Vitafoods Europe 2023.

The products in the line have been awarded for their taste several times. As taste is one of the main challenges of iron products development and most important for user compliance, these awards bear special importance.

A private label food supplement iron line from PharmaLinea has received various industry awards (Vitafoods, NutraIngredients).

Other awards include:

  • NutraIngredients-Asia Award for >Your< Iron Syrup
  • Forbes Best Brand Award for our client’s launch of >Your< Iron Line
  • Runner-up Taste Award for >Your< Iron Forte Liquid at Vitafoods Asia
  • Best-Tasting Functional Beverage Award for >Your< Iron Syrup at Vitafoods Europe
  • Best-Tasting Functional Beverage Award for >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks at Vitafoods Europe

>Your< Iron Line products are clinically proven to increase ferritin back to healthy levels. Alongside existing trials performed on finished products we also have a large pipeline of upcoming clinical studies.

Current scientific support on >Your< Iron Line includes:

  • a gold-standard clinical trial on iron-deficient children with >Your< Iron Syrup
  • an animal model study comparing >Your< Iron Syrup to ferrous sulphate

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